At the Post Office

Customer: Hello. I'd like to mail this package.
Postal Clerk: Where is it going?
Customer: It's going to California.
Postal Clerk: How would you like to send it?
Customer: What are my choices?
Postal Clerk: We have Priority Overnight, Express Post or Regular Mail. Regular mail does not include tracking or insurance.
Customer: What is the difference between the three?
Postal Clerk: It depends on how quickly you want the package to arrive. Priority and Express have guaranteed delivery. Regular mail does not. Are you working with a deadline?
Customer: No, not really.
Postal Clerk: What are the contents? Does your package contain valuables or perishable goods?
Customer: No perishable items but the package is of some value. It contains a Cashmere sweater I am sending to my sister.
Postal Clerk: Is it a gift?
Customer: Yes.
Postal Clerk: You might want to consider insuring your package against loss or damage. This is included with Priority Overnight and Express Post along with tracking and delivery confirmation.
Customer: Yes, I would like to insure the package. Delivery confirmation as well.
Postal Clerk: Then I would recommend Express Post. It's more economical than Priority. What is the value of your gift?
Customer: Seventy-five dollars.
Postal Clerk: Alright. Let me get this weighed and measured for you, then I can determine the cost. I'll give you these customs forms to fill out in the meantime. Fill out all the information required. You can do this at the side counter. Pens are available.
Customer: Great. Thanks for all your help.

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