At the Market

Customer: Hello. I'd like to order some cheese and meat.
Deli Clerk: We have a nice brie on special today.
Customer: I'm thinking more of a hard cheese.
Deli Clerk: A cheddar?
Customer: Yes. A medium cheddar. Not too sharp.
Deli Clerk: We have a medium white cheddar. Would you like to try some?
Customer: Yes, That would be nice.
Deli Clerk: Here you go. How do you like it?
Customer: It's delicious. Thank you. I'll take 400 grams.
Deli Clerk: Coming right up. Anything else?
Customer: Yes. I'd like some Roast Beef. Do you have any without preservatives?
Deli Clerk: Yes. We have a natural beef that is cured without preservatives. Would you like to try a piece?
Customer: Yes. Thank you. This is very good.
Deli Clerk: Just be aware it does not keep as long as other meats.
Customer: How long does it keep?
Deli Clerk: I would use it within 2 to 3 days.
Customer: Oh that’s fine. I'll take 500 grams.
Deli Clerk: Great. Anything else?
Customer: No, that's everything for today. Thank you.
Deli Clerk: I'll be right back with your meat and cheese.

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