Asking Directions

Person 1: Excuse me, I'm wondering if you can help me? I'm trying to find the subway.
Person 2: Which subway stop are you looking for?
Person 1: I'm looking for the northbound subway to the museum.
Person 2: I see. Do you know where the main terminal is?
Person 1: No, not really.
Person 2: How did you get here?
Person 1: I took the eastbound subway from my hotel. The terminal clerk told me to get off at this stop.
Person 2: Yes that's right. The main terminal is not too far. If you walk up to the next block and turn left, you'll see it. You can't miss. It looks like a big Colosseum.
Person 1: Alright. Do I get on the northbound subway from there?
Person 2: No. You first have to catch the westbound subway to terminal 3, then you transfer on to the northbound subway and get off at terminal 2. That is the museum stop.
Person 1: I see. Is the museum far from the terminal 2 stop?
Person 2: Oh no, not at all. Once you exit the stairs it's right across the street from the terminal. It sounds complicated but it's very easy to find.
Person 1: Good to know. I'm a little worried I might get lost.
Person 2: No don't worry. If you get confused just ask one of the terminal clerks. They will be more than happy to help you.
Person 1: That's good to know. Thanks so much for all your help.
Person 2: No problem. Enjoy the museum!
Person 1: Thank-you, I will.

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