Vocabulary lesson 56

  • sage (n. & adj.) a very wise person who may share his or her wisdom with others

- They asked the sage for thoughts on how to handle the problem.

  • vast (adj.) huge in area or amount, or seemingly endless

- The sailor looked out over the vast ocean, wondering if he'd see land again.

  • weep (v.) to shed tears or to cry out of sadness, frustration, or rage

- When they heard that Mittens had died, the whole family began to weep.

  • devour (v.) to eat quickly, in a greedy way

- After the football game, the hungry players are ready to devour every piece of food put in front of them!

  • negotiate (v.) to bargain or talk until you reach an agreement

- They sat down together to negotiate a fair price for the dog-waling job.

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