Vocabulary lesson 55

Definitions and samples

  • cease (v.) to put an end to or to stop - right now!

- "cease that drumming, Steve? or you'll wake the baby," Dad warned.

  • procrastinate (v.) to delay or put off doing something you know you should do simply because you don't want to do it.

- If you procrastinate any longer, you'll miss the school bus.

  • novice (n.) a beginner, someone who's not very experienced or is new to something. A novice has a few skills.

- Sara is a novice on skates, so it's a challenge for her to start and stop!

  • apprentice (n.) someone who learns a craft, an art, or a trade by working for someone who is already skilled.

- The apprentice is still learning, so the master supervises her at all times.

  • veteran (n.) somebody who has a lot of experience in an activity or in a profession. Also, a veteran is someone who has served in a war.

- My orthodontist is a veteran at helping kids get used to braces.

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