Vocabulary lesson 39

Definitions and samples

  • stroke (n.) if someone has a stroke, a blood vessel in their brain bursts or becomes blocked, which may kill them or make them unable to move one side of their body

- He had a minor stroke in 1987, which left him partly paralyzed.

  • valuable (adv.) worth a lot of money; very useful or important

- The experience was very valuable.

  • diagnose (v.) to find out what illness someone has, or what the cause of a fault is, after doing tests, examinations etc

- These questions help doctors diagnose personality disorders.

  • convey (v.) to express a thought, feeling or idea so that it is understood by other people

- He was sent to convey a message to the UN Secretary General.

  • examine (v.) to look at something carefully in order to find out about it or see what it is like

- The council is to examine ways of reducing traffic in the city center.

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