Vocabulary lesson 35

Definitions and samples

  • definite (adj.) clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful

- He was unusually definite about his current choice.

  • accompany (v.) if you accompany someone, you go somewhere with them

- The man I am doing business with has asked I accompany him and his daughter out for the night and I couldn't say no.

  • particular (adj. & n.) special, or this and not any other

- What is it that keeps us all so interested in these particular individuals?

  • trunk (n.) the back part of a car divided off from the rest of the vehicle and often used by the car’s owner to store various items

- When he reached his car he popped the trunk and gently placed the helmet inside.

  • allergy (n.) a medical condition in which you become ill or in which your skin becomes red and painful because you have eaten or touched a particular substance

- My son has a nut allergy, among others, so I have been reading labels for years.

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