Vocabulary lesson 6

Definitions and samples

  • anticipate (v.) to expect; predict; to sense something before it happens

- Officials anticipate the figure will climb to $8 million by the end of December.

  • catastrophic (adj.) extremely harmful; causing financial or physical ruin; involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering

- It was a complete foreign policy malfunction that had catastrophic consequences.

  • collide (v.) hit with force when moving; to come together with great or violent force

- A supply vessel collided with the company's Britannia platform in the North Sea.

  • eruption (n.) a sudden, often violent, outburst; an act or instance of erupting

- Unusual temperatures or a large volcanic eruption could trigger more ozone loss.

  • famine (n.) extreme scarcity of food; Severe hunger; a drastic food shortage

- The people of Somalia are already struggling from famine caused by the droughts.

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