Vocabulary lesson 5

Definitions and samples

  • intensify (v.) to increase in power; to act with increased strength

- That tension is expected to intensify as the nation's financial crisis deepens.

  • irrigation (n.) the supplying of water to dry land

- Farmers pay money to add ammonia to irrigation water because it is a fertilizer.

  • obtain (v.) to gain possession of; to get

- The package included a requirement for individuals to obtain insurance coverage.

  • photosynthesis (n.) the process by which green plants make their own food by combining water, salts, and carbon dioxide in the presence of light.

- No leaves, no photosynthesis means no food or energy for the plant, and it dies.

  • precipitation (n.) water that falls to the Earth’s surface

- Heavy precipitation caused flooding on several islands in the path of the storm.

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