Vocabulary lesson 4

Definitions and samples

  • public (adj.) belonging to or having to do with people as a whole. Open to everyone.

- The meeting inside a white tent next to the overlook was not open to the public.

  • private (adj.) not known to many people. Known to just yourself.

- The lower level has two more bedrooms, each with a private bath and two closets.

  • political (adj.) having to do with politics, the science of or actions related to government and people trying to gain and keep control of a government.

- Some of those choices have made even some of our political allies uncomfortable.

  • official (adj.) approved or decided by a governing, or ruling, group or person.

- He is not an elected official and does not represent any of us in that capacity.

  • legal (adj.) in agreement with the law.

- Hopefuls must be at least 18 years old and legal residents of the United States.

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