Vocabulary lesson 11

Definitions and samples

  • spouse (n.) someone’s spouse is the person they are married to

- Do you and your spouse or partner argue over politics, money issues or the kids?

  • flood (n.) an overflowing of water; an excessive amount

- If the flood damage is too great, Ethan has considered looking for a new location.

  • hardship (n.) something that is hard to bear; difficulty; severe suffering or privation

- Millions of unemployed didn't need the numbers to remind them of their hardship.

  • annotate (v.) to make notes or comments on or in the margins (usually in reference to a book)

- I read it closely and annotated it extensively, as is my habit in reading generally.

  • foreign (adj.) different; not familiar; from another country

- The explosions occurred simultaneously late last night among areas popular with foreign tourists.

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