Vocabulary lesson 1

Definitions and samples

  • abandon (v.) to leave; to give up

- He says he was surprised to see the Five Plus One abandon the negotiating table.

  • adversely (adv.) in a harmful way; negatively

- What happened to my family adversely affected my whole childhood and later life.

  • aggregate (adj.) gathered into or amounting to a whole

- In aggregate, consumer Web companies raised less than $1 billion in the quarter.

  • cultivation (n.) preparing the land to grow crops; improvement for agricultural purposes

- Agricultural officials estimate that 170,000 hectares of paddy rice cultivation has been ruined.

  • fertilize (v.) to supply with nourishment for plants by adding helpful substances to the soil

- The compost will fertilize the soil as well as providing a layer of mulch to keep the soil moist.

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