Opening a Bank Account

Hello. Welcome to the Bank of Chicago. How can I help you?
Yes. I would like to open a bank account.
Okay. Would you like a savings account or a checking account?
I think a checking account if I can.
We can see if you qualify.
Okay. But first I’d like to know what is included with a checking account.
A checking account comes with a free checkbook and you can use your ATM card anywhere in the world.
What are your interest rates for checking accounts?
The checking account has a rate of 2.4%.
What about the savings account?
The savings account has 1.2% interest rate.
Are there any fees with either account?
No. There are no fees.
I would like to open a checking account then.
Okay. There is a $5000 minimum deposit.
Oh no. I only have $3000.
Then you will only be able to open a savings account.
Okay. I will do that then.
I believe you will be satisfied with a savings account.
Once I have more money can I change the account to a checking account?
Of course.
Okay. That sounds good.
Okay. You will need to sign these papers.

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