Working From Home

Mom, my teacher wants us to tell the class about where our parents work.
What will you tell them about your parents?
I will tell them that my dad is a chef and cooks in a nice restaurant.
And what will you tell them about me?
I don’t know because I’m not sure where you work.
I work from home.
I thought a real job meant you go somewhere else to work.
Not all work is done like your dad’s job.
What kind of work do you do from home?
I am a medical transcriptionist.
What does that mean?
It means that I listen to a doctor talking about a medical report and then I write it down for them.
Why doesn't the doctor write it down himself?
Doctor’s are very busy with patients and don’t have time to write everything down.
Why is it important to write it down at all?
So the doctor’s have something to look at the next time they see their patient.
You do all of this here at home?
Yes, I receive the tapes of the doctor and then I write them down on our computer.
Do you get paid like dad does at his job?
Yes, I get a paycheck for my work every two weeks.
Why do you want to work at home?
It is better for me because I am able to work my own schedule.
Why is that important?
The freedom of making my own hours gives me more time to take care of my family.
Now I understand and can explain it to my class.

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