Teamwork on the Job

I am having trouble with my job.
What is the problem?
I have been assigned to work with five other people on a project.
Is the project too hard for everyone to work on?
No, but no one is working together on it.
So your group is having a problem with teamwork.
Yes, and I don’t know what to do about it.
When is your project due?
We have until next week to finish it.
Is there anyone that is in charge of the team?
No, everyone is just doing their own separate work on it.
If your group does not come together, then they will not know what is done and what needs to be done.
But how do I get them to work together as a team?
If your group does not have a leader, then you should step up and be one.
How do I do that?
You should call everyone together for a meeting so they are all in one place.
And then what should I do when I have them all together?
Let them know that this project is important, and so is working as a team to get it done.
Should I be bossy and mean to them?
No, a good leader listens as well as directs.
I will ask them what they have gotten done so far.
That is a good idea, as well as finding out what still needs to be done.
Then we can go over what is done and split up what is left.
Exactly, and that way you will be sure that the project is done correctly.
Thank you for your help, I will call them for a meeting in the morning.

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