Hello John
Hello Mr. Jones
Thank you for coming for your employee evaluation.
I’m glad I can be here.
Let’s get started then.
John, I have your paperwork here and you have received a great evaluation.
Thank you sir.
You are very efficient in your work and treat customers well.
Again, Thank you.
I also have some constructive criticism for you.
What is it?
It says here that you have difficulty filling out the weekly reports.
Yes, that’s true.
Why is that?
I feel like I was never properly trained on how to fill the reports out, and I've never asked for training.
They are more important than you might think.
Well, now that I know I will gladly learn how.
I can arrange for Bill to teach you how to fill them out.
Thank you sir.
You’re welcome.
Is there anything else I can do to improve?
No. You are doing fine.
Thank you sir.
You have worked with our company for a year now and we would like to give you a promotion.
Thank you. l accept.
Excellent, we can train you tomorrow.

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