International Trade

I have an interview today with a company that deals with international trade.
What is international trade?
It is the exchange of goods and services across different borders.
Does your company import or export?
They import materials and export finished products.
Which country do they import their materials from?
They buy their materials from Russia.
And where do they export their products to?
They sell their products all over the world.
Is one country a bigger buyer than the rest?
Yes, Japan buys more of the exports than any other country.
What is the product that they export?
They make and sell different types of electronics.
Why is international trade so important?
Without it, countries would only have the goods and services available within their borders.
So your company would not be able to create their electronics?
Yes, because the materials needed cannot be found in this country.
Is it more expensive than domestic trade?
Yes, because exported goods must also pay a tariff to the country they are being exported to.
What is a tariff?
A tariff is a tax on imported goods from other countries.
It is a way for the country to make money with the international trade.
Yes, it is all a part of the billions of dollars that are made every year.
It seems like a very complicated job. Good luck with your interview.
Thank you very much.

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