Having Insurance

I just got into a small accident with my new car.
Are you alright?
I have a small headache, but other than that I am fine.
What happened?
I was not paying attention when I was looking for a parking spot and I hit another car.
Did you hit it head on or on the side?
I ran into their back bumper as they were backing out of a parking space.
Was the other driver hurt at all?
No, thankfully it only jostled her a little bit.
Wow, it’s a good thing that you have insurance.
I know. I am so thankful that I pay a little extra every month for full coverage.
What is the difference between full coverage and liability only?
Full coverage costs more, but it will pay more to have your car fixed if you get into an accident.
So you won’t have to pay for the damages to your car from the accident today.
I have to pay a small deductible, but it is still a lot less than I would have to pay to fix the car myself.
What would liability cover?
Liability would only take care of damages to someone else’s car, but not mine.
Does your insurance cover the damage to the other car too?
Usually it would, but the other driver did not have any insurance.
If a driver does not have insurance then you are not responsible for damages to their car?
Yes, because you are not supposed to drive at all unless you have insurance.
Did you receive a ticket for the accident?
Yes, the police officer gave me a small ticket because it was my fault.
Did the other driver receive a ticket too?
Yes, their ticket was higher because they did not have insurance while driving.
I wonder if the other driver knew how important it is to have car insurance.
If she did not know before the accident, I hope she knows now.

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