I need a part-time job.
You should think about freelancing.
What is that?
Freelancing is a way to make money with your skills without committing to one employer.
What skills are required?
Many freelancers use their writing skills to complete jobs.
I like to write.
You can use your writing skills for different companies.
What would they want me to write about?
It would depend on the company.
Can you give me an example?
I did a freelancing job for an online store that wanted an advertisement for a specific product.
How much do you get paid?
Each company will pay you differently.
How much money did you make for the advertisement?
I made $7.50 for that specific job.
That is not a lot of money.
Many freelancing jobs will pay by the word.
So the more you write, the more you will be paid?
Yes, but many companies will also put a limit on how many words they want for an article.
That does not seem like a good way to make money.
It is a good part-time job because you can work in your spare time.
I would want to freelance for more money.
The more jobs you take, the more money you can make.
Is there a limit on how many jobs you can take?
You can take as many jobs as you like as long as you have the time to finish them.
I will look into it and see if it is a good way for me to make extra money.

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