Hi, I’m Peter.
Nice to meet you. I’m Tom.
What do you do for a living Tom?
I started my own company.
Oh wow. You are an entrepreneur.
I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
You should become one.
It seems very risky.
I won’t lie. It is risky.
How do you deal with the risk?
Bigger risks bring bigger returns.
That is a good way to look at it.
It is worth the risk to be my own boss.
How did you get the funding?
I found an angel investor.
Did he give you a good deal?
What deal did he give you?
He gave me $100,000 for 10% ownership in the company.
That seems like a really good deal. Have you done well?
I have done well.
Now I want to be an entrepreneur even more than before.
Make sure you are passionate about your idea and it will work out.
Thanks for the advice.

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