Being Unemployed

I need to find a new job.
What happened to your job?
The company had to let me go.
Did you do something wrong?
No, they were not making enough money to pay all of their employees.
How long have you been unemployed?
I have not had a job for almost a month.
How are you paying your bills?
My husband has a job and I receive unemployment benefits.
Is that enough to pay all of your bills every month.
No, we are falling behind.
Have you tried to find another job yet?
Yes, I have been looking every day.
What kind of job are you trying to find?
I am looking for one that is similar to my old job.
Are there a lot of employers like that around here?
No, I have not found very many.
Maybe you should look into something different.
I only like performing the job that I had before.
But if there are no employers in that field, you will not find employment.
You’re right. I will start looking at other opportunities.
Any job that you can find will make you more money than your unemployment benefits.
My unemployment benefits help but they are not enough to pay everything.
Would you like my help looking for a job?
Yes, it would be very nice if you would help me.

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