Being Employed

Where have you been for the last week?
I started a new job.
Where are you working?
I am a cashier at the grocery store.
Why did you get a job?
I needed to make money to pay my bills.
Do you miss having your free time?
Yes but being employed is more important.
What bills do you have to pay?
I have to pay for rent, electricity, and water.
Will you make enough money at your job to pay your bills now?
Yes, I make $8.00 an hour.
How many hours a week do you work?
I work forty hours every week.
Are there any other reasons to work other than paying bills?
My job also provides health insurance.
What does health insurance do for you?
Having health insurance means that I don’t pay as much for seeing a doctor.
What if you need medicine?
My health insurance will also pay for many medicines.
There are many benefits to being employed.
I can also make more money if I stay at my job and do well for a year.
How much more money would you make?
If I stay there for a year and do a good job, I will make $9.00 an hour.
That’s a good reason to stay and work hard.
They need another person to work, would you like to fill out an application?
I will stop by tomorrow.

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