Using a Job Board

Excuse me, could you  help me please?
Yes, how can I help you?
I am trying to find a new job.
Are you currently unemployed?
I have a job, but I am looking for something new.
Have you had a look at our job board?
No, what is a job board?
A board where employers can post available jobs.
Is an employment center the only place to find one?
Some college universities will also have a job board.
How will I know if the job is still available?
We monitor the job board to make sure that only available jobs are posted.
How often are jobs put up on the board?
It depends on how often employers are looking for help.
Do you have a job board online?
Yes, we do post jobs on our website as well.
Are there other websites that offer an online job board?
There are websites like that also have online job boards.
I do not see any jobs that I like on this board.
It is a good idea to check the board every few days for new opportunities.
What kind of jobs can be found on the board?
Employers are looking for everyone from construction workers to desk clerks.
Have other people been successful with the job board?
Many people have found very good jobs using our board or one online.
Thank you, I will check online tonight and be back here in a few days.

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