Working Abroad

My sister will be working abroad for the next year.
What does it mean to work abroad?
She is travelling to another country to work.
Why doesn’t she stay here to work?
She has always wanted to travel to other countries.
Which country is she going to?
She will spend her first six months in Australia.
What kind of work does she do?
She is a nurse, so she will be able to find work easily.
Can she not find work in this country?
Yes, she is already employed with a hospital.
Are they making her work abroad?
No, this is something that she wants to do and volunteered for it.
How is she going to pay for all the travelling expenses?
There are certain programs that specifically help people that are working abroad.
Why does she want to go to Australia?
She wants to meet new people, eat new foods and explore a new land.
Where will she go after her six months in Australia?
She hasn’t decided yet, but she might go to China.
Are nurses the only ones that work abroad?
No, many occupations travel to different countries, especially teachers.
I can understand why a nurse would go, but why a teacher?
Many countries like to hire teachers to teach a foreign language.
So a teacher from England would teach English in China.
Exactly, and a teacher from China would teach Chinese in England.
It sounds very exciting. I’m going to see if my job can go abroad!

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