Does your grandfather still work for the railroad company?
No, he retired last year.
I thought you had to be a certain age before you could retire.
He would have had to wait until he was 67, but he hurt his back.
And now he cannot physically do his job anymore?
Exactly, so his company allowed him to have early retirement.
Will he still be able to receive his pension?
Yes, because his age does qualify him for early retirement.
What about Social Security benefits?
No, he will have to wait until he is 67 to receive them.
How long did he work for the railroad company?
He was there for over thirty years.
Will that affect how much of a pension he will receive?
Yes, because he worked for over thirty years, he will receive three quarters of his usual pay.
What if he had only worked there for twenty years?
Then they would have only given him half of his pay for pension.
What will he do now that he is retired?
He has always wanted to travel around the country with my grandmother.
Will he be healthy enough to do that with his back?
Yes, but not for very long.
Will he move into a retirement home when they return?
No, he can still take care of himself and does not need a retirement home.
What else will he do with all his extra time now?
When he returns he plans to start a hobby.
The perfect hobby for him would be to build toy trains!

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