Budget plumbing, this is Peter.
Yes. I have a few problems in my bathroom and I was wondering if someone could do a house call?
Okay. What seems to be the problem?
Well there is a leak in the sink.
Did you try tightening the pipes?
Yes. I used a wrench to tighten the pipes but it still leaks.
Okay. We can come have a look at it.
Thank you.
Are there any other problems?
Yes. The toilette isn’t working.
Is it clogged?
I’m not sure.
Does it flush?
No. It doesn’t flush.
Maybe a piece is disconnected?
I looked. The flush chain is connected to the flush valve.
Maybe it is a clog.
I think you are right.
What have you done to unclog it?
I tried using a plunger but that didn’t work.
Did you use drain-o?
No. Not yet.
Try using drain-o.
Okay. But, I still need someone to come over to fix the sink.
We can send someone later this afternoon.
That would be great.
What is your address?

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