New Year's Day

Hey Mark.
Hey Julie.
How's it going?
Pretty well, you?
Not too bad. I'm just deciding what I want to do for New Year's.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, I can either go to my friend's party or go to Times Square.
That's cool. I've heard mixed things about Times Square on New Year's.
What have you heard?
One of my good friends had a terrible time.
Really? How come?
He said it was too crowded and people were too rowdy.
Interesting. But you heard some good things too?
Yeah, another friend of mine had a great time being one of those rowdy people.
That's funny. I'll have to make an educated decision.
Honestly, I think just getting together with friends is the best celebration.
Yeah, that's true. What are you doing?
Having a few friends over my house.
Oh, that sounds nice.
Yeah, it should be fun. Did you make any New Year's resolutions?
I haven't thought of any yet. What about you?
I'm going to try to give up red meat.
For health reasons?
Yeah, it's a small thing I can do for my body.
That's cool. Well hey, I have to go call my friend.
Alright, I'll see you in a little while.
If I don't see you before the new year, then happy New Year's!
Happy New Year's to you, too!

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