I’m very glad to see you I wasn’t sure if you were alive.
I’m glad to see you too.
That was a terrible earthquake. We are lucky to have survived.
That’s true.
Where were you when the earthquake began?
I was at school. Where were you?
I was at home. My house was destroyed by a flood.
I am sorry to hear that.
It is okay. All of my family survived.
That is good. I don’t know if all of my family survived.
Oh no! Who is missing?
My sister was at a friend’s house and we haven’t heard from her.
I hope she is okay.
I do too. Most of the houses in my neighborhood were destroyed.
A telephone pole fell on my neighbor’s car.
Many bad things happened. We didn’t have electricity for more than three days.
Wow. Did you have water?
Our faucet was turned off but luckily we had bottled water.
That is fortunate. We did not have bottled water.
How did you survive?
We boiled water from the river.
That is a good idea.
Thanks. I just hope we will be able to rebuild our city.
The earthquake did a lot of damage but we will be able to fix everything with time.