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english conversation

Welcome to your first martial arts lesson.
Thank you.
For your first lesson we will be learning basic punches, and blocks. Do you have any questions?
Yes. I have a question. Will we learn kicks today?
No. We will learn kicks another day.
Okay. Thank you.
Did you stretch out so that you don’t pull a muscle?
Yes I did.
Right now, you are a White Belt. As your skills increase you will get stripes on your belt.
How long before I become a Yellow Belt?
It depends.
How long does it usually take someone to become a Yellow Belt?
It usually takes two months if you attend every class and do well.
My goal is to become a Black Belt.
That is a good goal. Now, let’s start the lesson. What is the first thing you should do before a fight?
Bow to your opponent?
Very Good! You bow to your opponent.
How do I punch?
To punch, make a fist and extend your arm.
Where should I put my thumb?
Keep your thumb outside of your fist or you will break your thumb when you punch.
Okay. How do I block?
Place your arm in front of your body and make it stiff as a brick wall.
Like this?
Yes. Good. You are making progress.
Thank you, Sensei.