Your garden looks great.
Thanks. The weather has been good this year.
What all are you growing?
Some flowers but mostly vegetables. I have planted carrots, lettuce, beans, radishes, tomatoes, zuchini and cucumbers.
Those sound good. You can make fresh salad all summer.
That's the plan. I enjoy fresh salad.
That flower is pretty. What kind is it?
That is a bleeding heart.
Do you have a lot of trouble with ants?
The ants aren't too bad but there are a lot of spiders.
At least the spiders eat the other bugs.
Yeah. Last year I had a lot of trouble with aphids.
Are you going to enter any of your flowers or vegetables in the fair?
I don't know. Do you think I should?
Well, your zucchini is pretty big. I think you could win a ribbon.
Maybe I willl try. It might be fun. Would you like some vegetables to take home with you?
That would be nice, thanks.
No problem. Why don't you go pick some of the tomatoes and I will get you some carrots. Would you like some cucumbers as well?
No, thanks. I don't care for cucumbers.
I'm going to use the small cucumbers to make pickles this fall if you want any.
I like dill pickles and sweet pickles.
I should have enough to make plenty of both kinds.
If you want any help with the garden, let me know.
OK. Thanks for the offer.
Any time. Thanks again for the vegetables.
You're welcome.

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