That is a very cute baby.
Thank you.
Is she yours?
How old is she.
She is only three weeks old.
Oh wow. Has she been good?
For the most part, yes. She cries a lot at night though.
Does she keep you awake?
Well, my husband and I take turns taking care of her when she cries.
That’s nice.
It works out well.
I really like her baby blanket.
Thank you. Her grandmother stitched it.
Oh no! I think she is waking up.
It is about time for her to wake up.
Oh no! Now she is crying.
It’s okay. I need to feed her soon.
Here. I will grab her bottle.
Thank you. I need to mix some formula.
I can hold her while you make it.
Okay. That would be great.
Where is her binky?
It is in the baby bag.
I found it.
You can give it to her so she stops crying.
Okay. I think she needs her diaper changed also.
Thanks. I’ll do that in a minute.

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