Weight Loss

HI, did you hear about the weight supplement plan?
Yes, I heard it really helps your body.
How much weight do you think I'll lose?
I think you will lose around 30 pounds a week.
That's a lot.
It certainly is.
It sounds dangerous.
Don't worry, it's completely safe.
I might order some because I need to lose a few pounds.
What is it called?
It's called Mini.
That's a weird and interesting name.
Great. I'll order some too.
How much do they cost?
Twenty dollars per month.
That's pretty cheap.
It is cheap I guess.
Do you really think I'll lose weight?
Yes I'm pretty positive that you will lose weight.
That's great I will order it right now.
Me too I will order a few packages too.
Let us both order at the same time.
Yes we should do that.
Well hopefully I can lose forty pounds by tomorrow.

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