Hello, Do you think it's healthy being a vegetarian?
Yes it is completely healthy.
Do you think I should be a Vegetarian?
Yes, it helps you not slaughter those helpless animals.
Are you a vegetarian?
Yes I am a vegetarian.
How many years have been a vegetarian?
Around five years.
I don't think I have the will power to give up meat.
Well at first I thought the same, but eventually got the hang of it.
Yes it's simple I just started eating salads.
What made you decide to be one?
My father persuaded me to be a vegetarian.
That's strange my dad loves eating meat.
Well my father is not a big fan of meat.
I guess we are opposites.
I agree we must be opposites.
What do you normally get when you eat in a steak house?
I will probably just try eating French Fries and salads.
Do you enjoy a life of a vegetarian?
Yes I do enjoy the life of a vegetarian.
I think I might be a vegetarian.
Hopefully you will be one like me.
I hear many positive things in switching.

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