Telephone Conversation

Hi Kelly, it's Sam.
Hi Sam, how are you doing?
Great. I just got back from a concert. It was so much fun!
That's cool. What band did you go see?
It was a co-headlining show between My Chemical Romance and The Used. A newer band called Drive A opened for them. It was pretty amazing.
That sounds like so much fun!
It was. The music was great and I got some neat souveniers while I was there.
Oh yeah?
I got a setlist and a couple picks from one of the guys in Drive A and they all signed my CD. A couple of the guys from My Chemical Romance signed my ticket, too.
They are all really nice guys. But you know the best part?
After the show was over, I went to get some food and ran into the singer from The Used and got to buy him a drink. We talked for a while and he thanked me for coming to the show. It was so exciting!
I would have loved to have seen that.
I got pictures of me with a bunch of the guys in the bands. I'll show them to you next time I see you.
That would be great.
I'll bring my Drive A cd with me so you can listen to it. I think you'll really like them.
Cool. I'm always looking for new music. Is Drive A similar to My Chemical Romance and The Used?
They are more punk rock. But they are very high energy and their songs are very catchy.
Oh good. I can listen to them when I'm running on my treadmill.
Yeah, it's great music for working out.
Well, I can't wait to listen to them. Are you busy this weekend? You could stop by then.
I don't think I have anything important going on. I'll probably stop by Saturday afternoon.
Ok, that sound good. See you then.
Talk to you later.

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