Looking for an Apartment

Hey, how's it going?
Pretty good. What are you up to today?
I'm looking for an apartment.
Do you want a small apartment or a large one?
I am hoping to find a 2 bedroom apartment.
Have you been looking in the newspaper for ads?
Yes and I have the phone number of a realtor who said he could help me find a place.
Where in town are you hoping to find an apartment?
As long as it's affordable and close enough to where I work for me to ride my bicycle or walk, I'm really not particular.
Don't you have a dog?
Yes, I do.
That may make the search more difficult.
I know. A lot of places I've looked into don't allow pets.
My friend Dave has two small dogs in his apartment. I'll ask him if his building has any vacancies.
I would appreciate that. Let me know what he says.
Sure thing.
What will you do if you can't find an apartment to rent that allows dogs?
I may look into buying a small apartment that does allow dogs.
Have you got enough saved for a down payment?
I have a good portion saved and if that's not enough, I can get a small loan from the bank.
I hope you're able to find something soon.
Me too. I have appointments over the next couple days to see half a dozen apartments.
Let me know how it goes. When you choose one, I'll help you move in.
I will and thanks. I'll order pizza for moving in day.
Sounds good. I love pizza.

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