Hey buddy.
How's it going?
Well. Yourself?
Not bad. I haven't seen you in a while.
Yeah, I've been busy on the internet.
Really? On Facebook and Twitter?
No. Well, I definitely spend time on them, but that's not how I spend most of my time.
Oh? What are you doing on the internet?
I'm starting my own website.
Yeah, I'm excited about it.
What's the website going to be?
Well, I can't give too many details out about it but I'm close to launching.
Come on, you can't tell me anything?
I just think I have a good idea and I don't want it getting out there before my site launches.
We've known each other for years. I won't tell anyone.
Ok, well I'll tell you that it's basically the next Facebook.
Wow. That's ambitious.
Yup, but I'm confident in my product and I know how the Internet works.
That's cool. I'm excited for you.
Thanks. I should actually get back to working on it now.
Yeah, you must have a lot to do.
Yup, I have to do a lot. I'll e-mail you when it's ready.
Great! See you later.

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