Green energy

I’m glad that our company is starting to be more eco-friendly
Me too.
We have started to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
My family has started to bring our own bag to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags.
That is a great way to consume less.
What else are people you know doing to “go green”?
My neighbor bought a hybrid car.
The kind that runs on electricity?
Yes. He gets great gas mileage.
One of my co-workers has a car that runs on natural gas.
Oh. I heard that is a lot less expensive.
Yes. He saves a lot of money.
Our company just funded a project to build two windmills.

Yes. We will also have a field of solar panels to power our headquarters
My uncle put a big solar panel on the roof of his house.
That is an interesting idea.
It is hardly noticeable and it saves him money on the electric bill.

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