How much do you wager when you gamble.
Usually I bet five dollars every hand.
That's quite a lot.
Do you enjoy gambling?
Yes, it brings me happiness.
Do you win or lose whenever you play?
It just depends on my luck.
Do you think you are lucky today?
Yes, I normally gamble up to fifty dollars.
That's a lot of money you're throwing away.
That may be, but if I win it's another story.
I have to agree with you on that one.
So do you want to play a few times?
Yes let us play.
What kind of games do you like playing?
I like playing Black Jack most of the time.
I like playing that too.
That's great.
So, how much are you wagering?
Two dollars
Alright let's begin
Okay so do you want me to be the dealer.
Yes, I am horrible at counting
Okay, let's play.

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