You are a farmer?
Yes. I am.
Me too.
What kind of crops do you grow?
I grow corn. What crops do you grow?
I grow wheat and barley.
How many acres of land do you have?
My farm is 120 acres.
Wow, that is a big farm.
It takes a lot of work.
I have 50 acres of corn.
Corn is a good crop to grow.
It has worked well for me.
What kind of tractor do you have?
I have a John Deere tractor.
That is a good tractor.
Will you be harvesting soon?
No. I won’t harvest until September.
Me neither.
Last year, our crops froze.
That’s terrible!
It was terrible.
Did you cover the plants up?
Last year we didn’t but this year we did.
That is smart thinking.
From now on, I will always cover my crops so that they do not freeze.

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