Who do you think will win the next campaign?
I think Obama is going to win.
Are you sure?
I'm positive I like his motives and stand points.
Me too, but he doesn't seem worthy enough to be in such a position.
No, I still prefer him over the other candidate in the election.
Alright so who are you voting for?
I'll still vote for Obama.
Alright me too.
Why do you like Obama?
I like how he will help us in healthcare.
Alright that sounds great.
Do you enjoy elections?
Yes I do enjoy them a lot.
I love voting.
Me too. I love voting too.
The campaigns are fun to watch.
I enjoy them too.
The elections are really important.
I know they are important.
Hopefully, Obama becomes president.
I agree.
He has valid points and arguments.
I know right he certainly does.
So are you going to watch the elections?
Yes I am.
Well let us see who wins.

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