Hey I need prescriptions to take drugs for my health.
Okay, do you know where to get drugs for your prescription?
No, not really.
You can go to your local pharmacy to get drugs.
Thanks for the information. Do you also have drug prescriptions?
Yes, that's why I know where to get them.
I have a few prescriptions.
So do I, but they cost some money.
Are your prescriptions expensive?
No, they are actually cheap.
My drugs were prescribed by my doctor.
So were mine.
Do your drugs have side effects?
Yes, my drugs only have small side effects though.
My doctor said that most drugs have side effects, but most of them are minor.
I was scared about side effects being harmful to your body.
Me too, but I found out only some drugs are harmful.
I'm glad that my drugs are mostly safe.
Nice. Mine are also.
Do you know any other people who take drugs for their health?
Yes, some of my friends and family do.
Old family members usually have prescriptions like mine.
It's because they are growing older.
And their bodies aren't just the same.
Anyway, bye, I'm going to the pharmacy now.
See you later!

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