I’m so glad we came to the zoo today.
Yeah, it’s so cool! I love seeing all the animals!
The lions were pretty scary, but they were beautiful, too.
I liked the monkeys. They were so cute!
Going through the tunnel with the birds was really cool. One landed on my finger!
That’s awesome. Birds can be scary, too.
The parrot was kind of scary. It had a really big beak.
Yeah. Do you like mammals or amphibians better?
I like mammals better. What about you?
Though question. I really like alligators and frogs.
They didn’t have any frogs here.
Nah, but they had really big alligators! They looked pretty vicious.
A lot of the big animals do. The bears were really cute, though.
Bears? Cute? I thought they were terrifying!
Well, they can’t attack you or anything. They look cuddly!
If you say so! I thought the penguins looked pretty cuddly.
I love how they slide on their bellies!
Yeah, it’s really cute.
We should go to that exhibit with the sea creatures.
Yeah, I want to see the dolphins.
They’re supposed to be really smart animals.
Yeah, that’s what I heard, too. There’s supposed to be a lot of pretty fish, too.
I want to see the turtles! Let’s go see!

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