Hey man
Hey! Good to see you.
How have you been?
Not bad, you?
Hot. Too hot. Can you believe this summer we're having?
Tell me about it. I've been working as a roofer this summer.
Ouch. That must be brutal in this heat.
It is. Somehow I haven't fainted yet while on a roof.
Well, staying alive in the heat is all about staying hydrated.
I know. I drink at least three Gatorades a day.
Dude, I don't know if that's good for you.
Why wouldn't it be?
Gatorade has a lot of sugar. In this heat your best bet is just water.
But I need my electrolytes to keep me going.
I don't know, people have done fine with just water for thousands of years.
Yeah but have those people ever had to roof a house in a hundred degree weather?
Yeah. Well, some of them must have.
Well, too much sugar or not, Gatorade gets me through the hottest days.
More power to you, man. I get to work in air conditioning, so I shouldn't really complain.
Lucky. What are you doing?
Just a boring office job, but it keeps me out of the sun so I'm happy.
You're not a real “summer guy” are you?
Nope. I'm just waiting for fall to get here so I can feel a cool breeze on my face.
Yeah, that will be nice.
Until then, I'm beating the heat with plenty of water and AC.
Well, enjoy your temperature-controlled work environment.
And you enjoy the sun. I gotta run but I'm sure I'll talk to you later.
Alright. It was good running into you. Catch you later.

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