I’m going to use my car in order to go to work.
Oh, I only drive my car sometimes when I go to work.
Then how do you usually go to work?
I just use a bicycle because where I work is not that far away.
Is it only a few miles away?
Yeah, using a bike saves me money on gas for my car.
That’s very good. I also rarely take the bus for work.
I ride the bus more than I drive my car.
Wow, that’s surprising. A car is incredibly useful and usually my only mode of transportation.
I used to be like you, almost always using my car to get to any destination.
A motor vehicle is the fastest way to go anywhere.
Yeah, but my bike helps me keep my body fit.
That’s true.
For very long distances, I use a train or an airplane.
It would be great to use an airplane.
That’s because it’s very fast for any far away destination.
I’ll start to ride a bike to get to my workplace.
Good because it’s the most physically active way to go there.
And I’ll become more fit.
If you’re dedicated to biking, then you will save more money on gas.
Biking as a mode of transportation holds a lot of benefits.
It’s definitely awesome to feel a fresh breeze as you bike anywhere.
I’ll actually start riding my bike as soon as possible.
Don’t forget to buy a biking helmet.
I will buy one first.

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