Traffic Accidents

Hey, did you hear about a car crash on a street close to where I’m living at?
No, that’s surprising.
I know right, since it’s been the first traffic accident in a while around my area.
Oh wow. That’s sad.
I've been told that the cars were much damaged.
I hope the people involved are okay.
Yeah, people just reported that no one was seriously injured.
Oh, what a relief.
It’s very serious to be in a traffic accident.
They are usually tragic.
Have you known anyone who has been in an accident before?
No, since the people I know are careful drivers.
But it doesn't mean they’re completely safe from getting into an accident.
This traffic accident was caused by one careless driver.
Being careful just lessens the chances of being in an accident.
Yeah exactly.
A traffic accident is always a danger whenever you’re driving.
That’s true, and because of the accident, the street was closed off to other cars.
The police are still investigating the accident.
People will have to go another route, due to the traffic accident.
A traffic accident always has bad effects.
It’s going to cost a lot for the people who were in the accident.
Yeah, that’s true.
There’s also going to be major traffic around, so be careful.
Okay, we all need to be extra careful.

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