the countryside

Hey. What are you doing this weekend?
I don’t have any plans. Why?
I am going to my uncle’s cottage in the countryside.
That sounds like fun.
It will be. You should come.
Who else is going?
My brother and his girlfriend are coming. Many other people are invited.
How many?
At least ten other people are invited.
What will we do?
We will cook dinner on the grill, play games, and enjoy the scenery.
I imagine it is beautiful
It is very beautiful.
Tell me more.
The air is very fresh and at night you can see the stars very well.
How far is it from the city?
It is 80 kilometers from the city. You should invite your friend Jim.
I will ask him if he wants to come to the countryside.
At night we will roast marshmallows.
I love marshmallows!
So you will come then?
Yes. I will come.
Great! Let me know if Jim can come too.
Okay, I will call him soon and let you know. Thank you for inviting me.
You are welcome.

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