Telling the time

Hello. Excuse me but do you know the time?
Oh, yes I do.
Thank you, sir.
The time is three in the afternoon.
So right now it's 3:00 PM
Yes, that's another way to tell time.
Oh, how does your watch tell time?
It's an analog watch, which is like a clock with the long hand and small hand.
That's interesting.
Yes, these watches are more traditional than digital ones.
don't digital watches tell time by numbers instead of analog's way?
Yes, but I prefer an analog watch over a digital watch.
How much time has past since we started talking?
It's been only 10 minutes.
So right now it should be 3:10 PM.
You are correct.
It's almost time for work for me.
When will you have to work?
Oh, I will have to work in 30 minutes.
You still have some time to get ready.
I also have to wait for the bus, which will arrive at 3:25 PM.
My bus will arrive at 3:20 PM.
What time is it right now?
The time is 3:15 PM. So I'll have to be at the bus stop in 5 minutes. Bye.
Okay, good bye.

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