telling age

How old are you?
I am twenty two years old. How old are you?
I am forty years old.
How old is your wife?
She is in her mid-thirties.
I have a sister who is in her mid-thirties.
How old are your parents?
My Dad is 56 and my mom is 54. How old are your parents?
They are both old. My father is 82 and my mother is 78.
Wow. Are they healthy?
They can still move, just slower.
Haha. My little brother is a teenager.
How old is he?
He is 15.
Do you have any other siblings?
Yes. I have a baby sister. She is a toddler.
How old is she?
She is two years old.
She is a cute toddler.
My sister has a newborn.
How old is the newborn?
He is three weeks old.
Wow. Tell her congratulations.
Thank you. I will.

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