So I was watching a good show on television.
A plane crash!
Sounds scary!
Yeah, and many passengers survived!
That's a good thing!
Well, it is, but the island they crashed on is strange!
Strange, how?
The people hear nosies in the woods.
That's not a good sign!
And, they start seeing dead people walking around!
Now that's frightening!
It really is! I couldn't sleep the first time I saw it!
I have to check it out.
Any funny shows you are watching on the television?
No, not really!
Too bad!
Yeah, I was watching a cartoon of this therapist and his son.
Was it funny?
Very! And the animation was all shaky, which made it neat!
What was it called?
I don't remember for sure.
Well, guess!
I believe it was called, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist!
Well, I'm going to the movie store, I'll look it up.
If they have it, make sure you rent it!
I will, I love funny television.
Me too.

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