Sport Activities

Hey there, how are you doing?
Good, how about you? What’re you doing today?
I’m good. I’ll probably go to the park and play some soccer.
Oh, that’s cool. Do you like playing soccer?
Yeah. I like tennis, too.
Tennis is fun. My favorite sport is baseball.
Oh, really? I’ve never played baseball.
It’s tons of fun! Maybe I should show you how.
Yeah, you should come to the park. A lot of my friends will be there too.
Okay, cool. I’ll bring my Frisbee too.
I love playing Frisbee!
Me too. So does my dog!
That’s funny. So other than baseball, what sports do you like?
I also like to skateboard.
Oh, really? I prefer roller skates.
Those are fun too. Do you like winter sports?
I love winter sports! Tubing is really fun.
Yeah, I agree! I also like to ice skate.
Skiing is probably my favorite.
Yeah, skiing is fun. Anyway, I’m leaving for the park soon.
Okay, I’ll go get my Frisbee.
Okay, see you there!

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